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Name:Jim Hammond
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
About the character:
Jim Hammond is a former war-hero, a former Avenger, and a former powered adventurer. He can currently claim only one of these as still applicable. Thankfully, his employment as CEO of Oracle, Inc. (and manager of operations for the mercenary group, Heroes for Hire) don't let him dwell on much on what he feels he's lost. He finds he needs all of his attention simply to keep his appointments straight and keep his friend/enemy/boss off his back for another week.

Jim is generally a good person, mostly a kind person, but don't expect him to be a polite person. Especially if you're wasting his time. And he does have so very little of that free, nowadays...

616 universe, Ostrander-era Heroes for Hire. Late in the series.

[RP journal for the first Human Torch. It's all harmless fun, folks. Move along.]
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